Play-It Tennis

Play Grass

PLAY GRASS mm. 27 is an artificial turf height 27 mm designed for multi-purpose use
The products of the series or VG 220, thanks to their versatility, they are particularly suitable for the construction of sports facilities for football, hockey, golf or combined, ensuring high performance, excellent playability, costs of construction and operation very low. The layers of the VG220 series version made of polypropylene and polyethylene in the fibrillated, lubricated, non-abrasive become clogged with silica sand graded.
PLAY - GRASS mm. 9 is now the best product in synthetic grass on the international market and not to be confused with normal artificial grass from 15-17 mm clogged with silica sand.
PLAY - GRASS mm. 9 is clogged with silica sand ceramic coated green.

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