Play-It Clay Tech

Play it Clay –Tech is a natural clay court with a synthetic membrane sub-base that can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The unique structure of Play it Clay –Tech ensures consistent ball bounce, even on the lines of the court. All bounces, regardless of their kind, are true. Play it Clay –Tech guarantees speed and performance, which is not possible with traditional clay surfaces. The original mesh support system offers excellent stability and guarantees a comfortable, shock absorbing playing surface. The Play it Clay –Tech surface has been specifically designed to withstand intensive outdoor use, all year round, even in adverse climates. It is also easily adaptable as a clay surface for an indoor facility. Moreover, it can be used to convert an existing hard court (even in poor condition) into a clay court. Another substantial advantage of Play it Clay –Tech is that, in an outdoor setting, the surface is playable soon after a rainfall. The surface is particularly resistant to UV rays. Minimal maintenance and expense The unique technology of Play it Clay –Tech creates an uniform, homogeneous and attractive tennis court which, in contrast to traditional clay courts, prevents holes and cracks in the surface. The surface facilitates water absorption and drainage, so that water consumption is considerably reduced. The marking is done using PVC-Lines. Therefore, the lines do not need to be removed in the fall and replaced in the spring.

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