Play-It Tennis

Play Turf/Gym

Play Turf/ Gym is an indoor PVC surface loose-laid, reversible and multi sport that guarantees high quality of play and ball bounce.

A strong foundation base, a vapour barrier, a concrete or asphalt base and finally and above all, Playturf. This innovative flooring system for tennis courts and gymnasiums wins the stake thanks to the following features:

Quality: The chemical component, polyvinyl chloride, possesses specific embossing qualities.
Economy: The laying time and costs are streamlined when compared to those for conventional flooring surfaces.
Life Span: Up to 25 years. The Playturf mats are playable on both sides.
Comfort: Full compliance with the International Prevention Norms and maximum fidelity of play. PlayTurf system is classified by ITF in Class 5 (fast). The surface is ideal for indoor gym.

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